Steeleye Span

Dark-Eyed SailorHark! The Village Wait
Female DrummerPlease To See The King
Lovely On The WaterPlease To See The King
Sheep-Crook And Black DogBelow The Salt
King HenryBelow The Salt
Alison GrossParcel Of Rogues
Cam Ye O'er Frae FranceParcel Of Rogues
Drink Down The MoonNow We Are Six
Thomas The RhymerNow We Are Six
Long LankinCommoners Crown


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Contributor: Merric Davidson

First of all, thank you (and not for the first time) to Ashley Hutchings who formed the band after leaving Fairport Convention.

It seemed that the only sensible way to pare back the magnificent Span output was to nick one track off ten different albums, covering the waterfront as it were, but that proved painful when you could easily include EVERY track on Please To See The King. In the end, I went with five favourite albums (or is it six) and even then I had to do without Ten Man Mop, All Around My Hat and Rocket Cottage or indeed anything beyond 1976, sticking with the golden years of the first half of the 70s. I tried to include all the classics but even then there was no place for Boys Of Bedlam and The Blacksmith and Spotted Cow and One Misty Moisty Morning – still don’t know how I managed to leave that one out. In the end, though, I guess I’m happy with this Steeleye Mix Tape and commend it to the house.

Having thanked the Guv’nor at the top, only right to doff the hat to the other members of Steeleye Span throughout this glorious era starting with the ever-present Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, Gay & Terry Woods, Martin Carthy, Peter Knight (who joined with the second album), Bob Johnson, Rick Kemp, Nigel Pegrum and, indeed, everyone who has contributed to Steeleye Span’s twenty-one albums over the years.

Lastly, two kwik kwiz questions. Who played sax on Span’s cover of a Phil Spector song? Who played ukulele on New York Girls on Commoners Crown?

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Merric Davidson is a retired publisher. He tweets toppermost @AgeingRaver

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  1. Ian Ashleigh
    Dec 29, 2013

    Great list but I would have put Seven Hundred Elves as my first choice and built my ten around that. Alison Gross would have been there (I was at primary school with a girl who shared that name) and Thomas the Rhymer too. Perhaps I’ll use this week’s commute to compile my own ten.

    No-one has answered your questions, therefore to inform the uninitiated: the saxophone is played by David Bowie, and the ukulele by Peter Sellers.

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