Spiers & Boden

Adieu Sweet Lovely NancyThrough & Through
April QueenSongs From The Floodplain
The Birth Of Robin HoodVagabond (also on The Works)
Bold Sir RylasSongs (also on The Works)
Dancing In The FactorySongs From The Floodplain
Don't Wake Me Up 'Til Tomorrow Songs From The Floodplain
Innocent When You DreamSongs
Prickle-Eye BushBellow (also on The Works)
Tom PadgetVagabond (also on The Works)
We Do What We CanSongs From The Floodplain


Spiers & Boden playlist



Contributor: Peter Viney

Jon Boden’s solo records focus on original material, while Spiers & Boden curate traditional material. The voice runs through.

Jon Boden’s Songs From The Floodplain fits in style with Spiers & Boden and Bellowhead. The solo Painted Lady album is less traditional in form, and stands as a rock album to me, so I didn’t include, not from dislike, but because it’s so different.

I’m doing Bellowhead separately (see Music Bank). There’s crossover … Courting Too Slow is on both Bellowhead and Spiers & Boden albums. The Outlandish Knight is on Bellowhead’s Burlesque album, as well as on Spiers & Boden’s Bellow. Broomfield Hill was done by Bellowhead, but is in a solo version by Jon Boden on A Folk Song A Day.

This list is also skewed because much of the material is instrumental, and I’m going only for songs rather than jigs, reels and morris dances. Those are vital parts of their live act and albums, but I’m selecting individual tracks.

I also eliminated John Boden’s download only A Folk Song A Day project, because I only have three months so far, and it’s just too great a volume of work to go through. A contender, on the July set, is his folky cover of Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz, plunked right in the middle of ancient and traditional material. It works.

Spiers & Boden produced a compilation, The Works, with material from all their albums, but usually with subtle additions or changes. See also my reviews of Spiers & Boden gigs below.


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John Spiers official site

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Spiers & Boden/Bellowhead biography (Apple Music)

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  1. Peter Viney
    Mar 13, 2014

    I saw Spiers & Boden on their “Farewell Tour” (which goes on to the end of May). My review of the Andover gig is here. Five of my ten above were played BUT I really will need to squeeze Courting Too Slow (from Bellow) into my ten. It was sublime tonight, as was John Spiers’ new original The Dawn Chorus.

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