Baby, I Love YouEnd Of The Century
Blitzkrieg BopRamones
Do You Remember Rock '‘n'’ Roll Radio?End Of The Century
I Wanna Be SedatedRoad To Ruin
Judy Is A PunkRamones
Rock ‘'n'’ Roll High SchoolEnd Of The Century
Rockaway BeachRocket To Russia
Sheena Is A Punk RockerRocket To Russia
Teenage LobotomyRocket To Russia
You’'re Gonna Kill That GirlLeave Home



Contributor: Rob Crilly

OK, OK, OK. There’s one song here that splits Ramones fans more than any other. In 1980 Da Brudders wanted a hit. Badly. So they teamed up with Phil Spector for End Of The Century. He wanted the band to show off Joey’s voice and had them record one from his back catalogue, The Ronettes’ Baby, I Love You. The result was a single that did give them their biggest hit – number 8 in the UK – but which was despised by fans (and most of the band) who just wanted two minutes of buzzsaw guitar.

For me, however, it’s one of their finest moments. Joey’s glorious vocal is right up in the mix. And it serves as a reminder that American punk was often a celebration of what came before – albeit louder and faster – unlike British punk which ripped it all up and started again.

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  1. Keith Shackleton
    Nov 13, 2013

    I’m on the other side of the fence. I don’t want any Spectorisation, thankyouverymuch. I’ll swap out those three for 53rd and 3rd, Beat On The Brat and something astounding from It’s Alive. Hey ho, let’s go for I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You.. 85 seconds of perfunctory pell-mell power pop.

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