Prefab Sprout

Faron YoungSteve McQueen
When Love Breaks DownSteve McQueen
AppetiteSteve McQueen
Life Of SurprisesProtest Songs
The King Of Rock 'n' RollFrom Langley Park To Memphis
Cars And GirlsFrom Langley Park To Memphis
Carnival 2000Jordan: The Comeback
We Let The Stars GoJordan: The Comeback
Andromeda HeightsAndromeda Heights
God Watch Over YouLet's Change The World With Music


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Contributor: Paul Glinn

What a back catalogue this band has, spanning four decades and eight albums so far; the above listing is in chronological order of recording.

Swoon was released in 1984, but it was the following year’s Steve McQueen that really set them on their way. The classy three piece; brothers Paddy and Martin McAloon, together with Wendy Smith, went on to produce some great pop music over the next decade or so, achieving commercial success in the UK.

Paddy McAloon has effectively been Prefab Sprout since the late 1990s and is, in my opinion, one of the most melodic and sophisticated songwriters this country has ever produced. Latterly, he has suffered with sight and hearing problems, but still spends much time in his studio. In 2009 he released Let’s Change The World With Music, which was actually recorded as a demo back in 1993, but never saw the light of day at the time.

This week sees the eagerly awaited release of album number nine, Crimson/Red; the first all-new music since 1997’s Andromeda Heights. Can’t wait.


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  1. Peter Viney
    Oct 11, 2013

    Jordan: The Comeback is the best of the bunch to me, but what about The Gunman and Other Stories in 2001? Admittedly it was a round up of five Paddy McAloon songs other people had recorded (Jimmy Nail and Cher), but there are ten tracks. It wasn’t a major seller. It seems almost perverse with a writer as good as McAloon to choose a cover version, but his The Streets Of Laredo from The Gunman & Other Stories isn’t so much a cover as a total reimagining of a well-known song. The other one I love from this album is The Wild Card In The Pack.
    On first listening, I suspect “Billy” will be the standout track on Crimson/Red. The first track, The Best Jewel Thief In The World really annoyed me, as on first play I was driving in heavy traffic, and the siren sound of approaching emergency vehicles had me put on my hazards and pull over. Never put sound effects like that on a CD!

  2. Rick J Leach
    Nov 15, 2013

    A neat encapsulation of PS – many thanks! I know that “Swoon” is one of Paddy McAloon’s least favourte records but for me, it’s one of their best and most heartfelt. Due in no small part to the lack of big 80’s production values (something that led “Let’s Change the World with Music” to be a bit of a let down for me.) I’d certainly throw a few tracks in off “Swoon” and possibly the title track from “I Trawl The Megahertz” (although not a PS album by name, neither is Crimson Red I suppose). But a good Top Ten nevertheless!

  3. Nairn Davidson
    Nov 22, 2013

    And the new album is fabulous. It amazes me that Paddy’s voice sounds as creamy as it did thirty years ago. I would plead for the inclusion of “Lions”, “Wild Horses” and “Desire As”.

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