Nick Drake

Time Has Told MeFive Leaves Left
River ManFive Leaves Left
'Cello SongFive Leaves Left
Northern SkyBryter Layter
Hazey Jane IIBryter Layter
Pink MoonPink Moon
Place To BePink Moon
RoadPink Moon
From The MorningPink Moon
Black Eyed DogTime Of No Reply


Nick Drake playlist



Contributor: Carl Burnett

I’d like to have been aware of Nick Drake’s work during his lifetime but unfortunately, and like most others, I discovered his music long after his death in 1974.

During his all too short and frequently troubled life (Nick was 26 when he died) he made three albums, Five Leaves Left in 1969, Bryter Layter in 1970 and Pink Moon in 1972. A few months before his death in 1974 he attempted to make a fourth album but this wasn’t completed. The songs from these sessions appeared on the posthumous compilation albums Time Of No Reply and Made To Love Magic.

I still find it very odd that Nick wasn’t far more successful during his lifetime and this is partly due to his reluctance to perform live. This selection highlights his extraordinary guitar techniques, his plaintive and emotive voice coupled with great melodies and intelligent, often highly personal, lyrics.

My favourite album of Nick’s is Pink Moon. Very personal lyrics which are at times harrowing, this album features just Nick and his guitar (save for a few lovely bars of piano on the Pink Moon title track). It’s a short, perfectly constructed, beautiful work of art that draws you in and makes you listen intently. My last selection, Black Eyed Dog, was recorded after the Pink Moon album but would have fitted on it perfectly.

Nick Drake’s ethereal music is genuinely timeless and will live forever.


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  1. Dietmar Gasch
    Nov 13, 2013

    Carl, thanks for this contribution. If “Introduction” would have been in, I would agree 100% with your choice. Anyhow, in my opinion THE most underrated artist of the music history.

  2. Kasper Nijsen
    Nov 13, 2013

    Yes, I also agree whole-heartedly with the list and the just praise for Nick Drake. The only songs missing for me, are ‘Way to Blue’ and ‘Day is Done’, both with the most beautiful string arrangements. Then again, I’d be hard put to choose any of your picks to remove from the list.

  3. Andrew Shields
    Feb 17, 2014

    Great list and the only song I can think of that could be added to it is ‘Rider on the Wheel’. Can only agree that Pink Moon is Drake’s masterpiece. A great artist, indeed…

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