Mungo Jerry

TrackSingle / Album
Memoirs Of A StockbrokerElectronically Tested
Coming Back To You When The Time ComesElectronically Tested
Lady RoseDawn 7N.2510
Baby JumpElectronically Tested
Follow Me DownElectronically Tested
The Man Behind The PianoDawn DNX.2505
Little LouisDawn 7N.2510
Mighty ManDawn DNX.2502
You Better Leave That Whisky AloneElectronically Tested
Alright Alright AlrightDawn DNS.1037


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Contributor: Michael W. Richardson

Not many acts can say that they cracked Hollywood with their first ever performance, but Mungo Jerry can.

Mind you, this was the Hollywood Festival in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, which was held in May 1970. Their show, on 23rd May, was so well received that the organisers asked them to perform again on the following day.


The band’s first single (on Dawn, a subsidiary of Pye) was In The Summertime. It had been released the day before, entered the UK charts at No.13 and the following week, with Mungo mania gripping the country, it went straight to No.1.

Their follow up, Baby Jump, also topped the UK charts in 1971. This year proved to be the band’s creative peak and, although they had a handful of hits after these two chart toppers, their chart career gradually petered out as the record buying public went glam crazy.


The band continued to have success throughout Europe, though, and frontman Ray Dorset still tours a version of Mungo Jerry to this day.


In The Summertime was a No.1 smash hit single for Mungo Jerry in June 1970 and with its “inclusion on compilation albums, the song has clocked up global sales in excess of 30 million” (source: Mungo Jerry Magic website). It was “the first maxi-single in the world” (according to Wikipedia) and played at 33⅓ rpm. In The Summertime also reached No.3 in the US. Mungo Jerry’s next maxi-single also made No.1 in the UK in February 1971 and they had four further top twenty UK hits.

“Mungo Jerry is a typical festival band. Its happy-go-lucky brand of music featuring the famous stomp always goes down best in the open air. The group made its name at the Hollywood Festival last year and has been livening up get togethers all over the world ever since.” (New Musical Express 1971)


Mungo Jerry photo

Mungo Jerry (l to r): Paul King (banjo, harmonica, kazoo, jug), Mike Cole (bass), Ray Dorset (guitar, vocals), Colin Earl (piano)


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  1. Ian Ashleigh
    Dec 15, 2018

    My brother had a copy of Electronically Tested and I liked Memoirs of a Stockbroker ahead of the two hit singles. The young me didn’t appreciate the 8 minute version of Willie Dixon’s ‘I Just Wanna Make Love to You’ as much as I did a few years later.
    I recall the video of ‘In the Summertime’ was filmed in the middle of Park Lane near Marble Arch.
    Thanks for the post, brings back some good memories.

  2. David Lewis
    Dec 15, 2018

    This may not be terribly relevant but for some reason my father (who was not overly impressed with rock music) bought a copy of Mungo Jerry’s ‘You don’t have to be in the army to fight in the war’ on eight track for some reason. He didn’t like it but its cover intrigued me as a six year old.

  3. Ilkka Jauramo
    Jan 6, 2019

    This may not be terribly relevant either, David. Have you ever loaned a great LP from your friend and never got it back. Yes, probably. At least I have: Mungo Jerry from the organ player in our schoolboy/college student band in early seventies.

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