Jethro Tull

BouréeStand Up
Bungle In The JungleWar Child
Cross-Eyed MaryAqualung
Life Is A Long SongLife Is A Long Song EP
Living In The PastLiving In The Past / Driving Song
Locomotive BreathAqualung
Minstrel In The GalleryMinstrel In The Gallery
RequiemMinstrel In The Gallery
Songs From The WoodSongs From The Wood
Witch’'s PromiseWitch'’s Promise / Teacher



Contributor: David Singer

Much derided – by some these days – but still with a loyal diehard following, it is somewhat difficult to imagine that for a period in the early 70’s Jethro Tull, led by the charismatic showman supreme, Ian Anderson, were, along with Led Zeppelin, the biggest selling and most popular band on the planet. Unfairly labelled a ‘prog rock’ band (indeed the No1 album on both sides of the Atlantic, Thick As A Brick, was a spoof send-up of the pretentiousness of bands such as Yes and Emerson, Lake & Palmer) Tull’s output was largely a fusion of blues and folk embellished with some of the finest guitar riffs to be found in rock music.

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  1. Ian Ashleigh
    Oct 6, 2013

    The challenge was to come up with an alternative ten to those that David suggested, and I was going to exclude all the albums that David used but there is one exception. Here is my alternative 10 that spans a fair chunk of Tull output – and yes I do own every album nominated, and others that missed the cut (19 in all): A New Day Yesterday (Stand Up); A Passion Play (A Passion Play); Crossfire (A);
    Dark Ages (Stormwatch); Heavy Horses (Heavy Horses); Hunting Girl (Live – Bursting Out); It’s Breaking Me Up (This Was); Occasional Demons (Catfish Rising); Thick As A Brick (Thick As A Brick); Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll (Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll).

  2. David Lewis
    Jan 19, 2014

    Excellent list and excellent follow up. Here’s my 10, at least for today: Wind up, A Christmas song, Skating away (on the thin ice of a new day), Hymn 43, Jack in the green, Life is a long song, To cry you a song, Rainbow blues, Cross eyed Mary, Bungle in the jungle

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