FortuneCrumbling The Antiseptic Beauty
The World Is As Soft As LaceThe Splendour Of Fear
Spanish HouseThe Strange Idols Pattern ...
Primitive PaintersIgnite The Seven Cannons
Song For William S HarveyLet The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads ...
Rain Of Crystal SpiresForever Breathes The Lonely Word
Dark Red BirdsPoem Of The River
Apple BoutiqueThe Pictorial Jackson Review
Run Chico RunTrain Above The City
Down An August PathMe And A Monkey On The Moon


Felt playlist



Contributor: Nairn Davidson

Felt released ten albums in ten years. One for every year of the eighties. Then they split, as they always threatened to do. This perfect symmetry appealed to Lawrence (always just Lawrence), lead singer, pop perfectionist and obsessive compulsive.

There is no Felt sound. At times they produced lush indie-pop, space jazz, piano and vibes workouts, Dylan-ish confessionals and filigree pop. For the first two albums, Maurice Deebank, lead guitarist, was explicitly forbidden to play barre chords. The eighth album is a selection of demos which Creation put out against Lawrence’s wishes. The fifth album contains ten instrumentals and lasts 16 minutes.

I have picked a song from each of the ten albums (in chronological order above). I make the case for Felt being the last great albums band, mainly for delivering on their mission statement, and leaving behind a perfectly-formed discography.


Lawrence (Wikipedia)

Felt biography (Apple Music)

Toppermosts still required for Lawrence’s subsequent work with Denim and Go Kart Mozart.

TopperPost #11

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  1. Nathan Grant
    Jul 10, 2013

    My memories of Felt are fuzzy to say the least

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